Petitcodiac Mennonite Church

Decorating for Christmas

Nov. 30, 2012

Decorating tree   Decorated tree
A group gathered to decorate to decorate the church.

Making cookies
While some were decorating, others baked cookies

Making cookies
Intense concentration to shape them just right

Baked cookies
Trays of cookies were baked.

Waiting for cookies to cool
Planning the decorations while they cooled.

Decorators at work
Others were busy decorating or arranging music

Olice wood nativity set
The nativity set was dusted off

Others chatted

Wall hanging nativity
The bright wall hanging was hung.

Decorating cookies
and decorating the cookies finally got started.

Decorating cookies
Great creativity

Decorating cookies
and many hands

Eating cookies
got it done quickly

Eatin gcookies
so the eating could start.

An angel watched over a

Kids meeting
final meeting of the kids.

Advent has started!

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