Ten Thousand Villages

2010 Crew

Fall group
The group got a thankyou gift from the shippers.

Bill & Flo   Jim & Annette
Packing and Sorting

Gerry and Wendy
Packing food

Bill W   Marta
Where does that go?


Dinner out
Our Farewell dinner.

2009 Crew

2009 Crew Saying Goodbye
The 2009 crew says good-bye. They look too happy to be leaving!

Bird in the bushes   captured birds
Carol and Lois found the herons and did not let them escape!

Packing Onyx   Packing birds
Everything got packed up from onyx to birds

Tea time
There was time for tea breaks too.

2006 Staff and Volunteers

Volunteers   volunteers
All ages, genders, and nations are involved

receiving, unpacking, repacking the crafts.

volunteers   volunteers

Loading truck   Driving
Then load the truck and drive to the sale and

at sale
get it all set up.

Thank-you dinner
Then a chance to relax

Thank-you dinner

An excellent team!

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