About Us


 There are a few things that you can tell about the Petitcodiac Mennonite Church just from it’s name. It is located in the village of Petitcodiac, and it is a Mennonite church. What you are not able to tell about the church from its name is how remarkable the people who make up the congregation are.   



   Though a small congregation, the people are involved in various service and community projects and organizations. There is a commitment to peace, justice and care for our planet. The congregation strives to follow the commandment of Christ to love God and love each other as we love ourselves by making this a better world for all people.  


   Yet the most remarkable thing about the congregation is the sense of belonging and care we share for each other when we get together. We have people traveling from just down the road, to over an hour away, and most of the points in-between. We find our time together a blessing, and a good place to practise the act of giving and receiving grace. We invite you to stop by, if you are just passing through, or looking for a place to call home. 


At PMC we seek to follow Jesus as we ...

Practice Christ-like living , guided by

Mennonite Theology, within a welcoming

Community of believers.

Brief History


Early Years

The Petitcodiac Mennonite Church had its origins in 1978, when five families moved from southern Ontario, some in search of farmland, others a new adventure, and decided to worship together. The original group of 22 at first met in each others homes with leadership being shared by all.

In an attempt to give back to the community into which they had been received, in 1979, they founded OPAL Inc. and opened the Havelock Community Residence which was a residential home for mentally challenged adults.

In 1982, due to size and a desire to make participation easier by the residents of OPAL, the group began meeting in the Petitcodiac Kiwanis Community Center.

In 1986, the dream of opening a Self Help Store in Petitcodiac became a reality. This began the long-term involvement with Self Help Crafts which in time became Ten Thousand Villages.

Our First Pastor

The group called its first pastor, Siegfried Janzen, in 1985. Siegfried and Margaret, moved from Kentville, NS to pastor here. Siegfried's involvement with the Christian Council for Renconciliation, significantly influenced the congregation. Siegfried remained as pastor of PMC until 1995.

A Building

After many years of discussions and dreaming, the church purchased their own building to meet in. The Peticodiac Liquor Store became the Petitcodiac Mennonite Church and after significant renovation, the first service was held there in Oct. 1995.

More Recent Years

Werner DeJong, from Fredericton, with his wife Jo-anne and family came to be our pastor in 1998 and served with us until 2006.

After a number of interim pastors Gordon Driedger, with his wife Pam and family, from Gretna, MB came to give leadership to our congregation in 2010.

The congregation continues to seek to serve Christ by serving others. It has continued with its involvement with Ten Thousand Villages, seeks to give support to SPOT, raises money annually for Canada Food Grains Bank by making and selling apple cider , members remain involved with OPAL and we seek to support our pastor with his work with Moncton Community Chaplaincy and his work as chaplain at Springhill Penitentiary.