Petitcodiac Mennonite Church

Pastor: Gordon Driedger


285 Old Post Road,
Petitcodiac, NB  E4Z 4N8
Telephone: (506) 756-2442
email for information

Group summer 2012
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  At PMC we seek to follow Jesus as we ...
  Practice Christ-like living , guided by
  Mennonite Theology, within a welcoming
  Community of believers.

Sunday Worship:

10:00 - Sunday School for all ages
10:45 - Transition Time
11:00 - Worship Service

Everyone is Welcome!

Access to Audio files of recent services

Our Covenant

We commit ourselves to follow Jesus Christ,
through whom God offers friendship to the peoples of the world
and in whom we continue the work of reconciliation.

We commit ourselves to each other, the church,
to love our brothers and sisters in God's family,
sharing our time, our decisions, our love, our talents
and our possessions for everyone's good.

We commit ourselves to care for the world,
to bring good news to the poor,
and set free the oppressed,
to proclaim Jesus as the Liberator and Lord.

We commit ourselves to the way of the cross,
to a life of simplicity and prayer;
in this we will find our joy, our peace and a new life.

A pamphlet summarizing stages or procedures for decision - making in small groups or at the congregational level.
It is for everyone, especially those leading a group that needs to make decisions.

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